Developing Participatory Communities and Strengthening Economies

Through the Community Development Activity program, Global Communities promoted direct community development by training democratically elected Community Development Councils (CDCs), which help communities prioritize, plan, budget and implement local projects. Global Communities partnered with local communities and governments to develop grassroots principles of democracy, including participation, inclusion and public-private partnerships to promote development in 14 districts of Azerbaijan.

In addition to working with communities to improve economic infrastructure such as roads, irrigation and electrical supply, Global Communities worked with communities to support local economic development of specific industry sectors and with informal producer groups to improve production, lengthen the growing season, lower costs and increase sales. Projects included training in vocational skills, purchase or improvement of technical equipment and developing market linkages. These local economic development projects required citizens to work together to balance their prioritized business interests with market needs. Additionally, these projects provided opportunities to engage local and regional governments in the regional economic planning process.